Dripline for Irrigation

Drip pipe for your garden irrigation project

A drip pipe is used for areal irrigation of plants. There are different types of drip pipes that can be selected depending on the required properties. A drip pipe that can be laid above ground is easy to install and to inspect. Drip pipes that can be laid underground are invisible and channel the water directly to the roots.

Laying drip piping

Using a drip pipe has many advantages. Firstly, it is easy to install, and secondly, it can be easily adapted to the situation at hand. The regularly spaced drippers in the drip pipe release water evenly to the plants. Drip piping can be installed above ground on the soil with ground pegs. You can calculate 1 ground peg per metre of drip pipe. For the required amount of drip pipe, you can calculate 3 m of drip pipe per square metre of bed.

Roll length and diameter of drip pipe

The length of drip piping is usually 25 m, 50 m or 100 m, depending on the article number. We specify the diameter or wall thickness of the pipes in the article description. Our 16 mm push-fittings are compatible with drip pipes from Gardena, Irritec, etc.
Drip pipes from Netafim, Hunter and Rain Bird have a slightly larger diameter, so these designs are assembled with 17 mm push-fittings. The brown or copper coloured pipe is slightly softer than the black one. The fittings are mounted by pushing or screwing them in. When cutting drip piping, make sure to cut between the drippers. The drippers are usually placed in the drip pipe at 30 cm intervals.

Planning an irrigation system with the DVS Irrigation Planner

On the DVS Beregnung website we provide you with our free planning tool the, DVS Irrigation Planner. Thanks to this software you can plan your irrigation in just a few steps and compile a parts list with all the items you need. You can determine the quality of the articles yourself with ECO, EXPERT and PREMIUM. A comparison of the products in our catalogue will show you which properties each product has. All items can be placed in the shopping basket of our shop and ordered online. Orders are dispatched quickly from our warehouse, and shipping and delivery is carried out by DHL.

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